Creative Incubators


The aim of the three Creative-Incubators is to validate the technologies and platform developed and to capture the widest possible engagement sector, building on the different industrial positioning of the sponsoring partners (GWE, Wikitude and t2i) and the characteristics of the broader CCI clusters within which the Creative Incubators will be established;
Gameware Europe, Cambridge, UK

Sector focus: Gaming, VR, Mixed Reality TV/Video
Engagement planned:Brains Eden, Reactor, Outset, Enterprising Women, Makespace

Wikitude, Salzburg, Austria

Sector focus: AR, advertising, publishing
Engagement planned:Augmented World Expo, Mobile World Congress, Droidcon, Wikitude webinars, FabLab Munich

t2i, Treviso, Italy

Sector focus: Designers, architects
Engagement planned: Work with professionals and SMEs to collect solid feedback, to understand current market needs and to compile near-future “wish lists”. We will involve ‘startupers’, students, engineers, craftsmen, designers and architects in a survey
(with at least 60 users in a period of 3 month).